Installation Terms and Conditions

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Warmbox Limited, a company registered in England & Wales with company number 13425045, will be referred to as ‘the Provider, the tradesman installing the equipment is referred to as the Installer and the person purchasing the boiler will be referred to as ‘the customer'.


  1. All the terms of the contract between the customer and the Provider are contained in this document. No amendment of the terms shall change this unless a request is made in writing and agreed by the Provider.
  2. Any waiver allowed by the Provider shall be without prejudice to their full rights under this contract.
  3. Trademarks and other intellectual property of the Provider are protected and not to be copied or reproduced.
  4. The Provider is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office and treats all information supplied by customers as confidential. The Provider will only use the Customer’s information to fulfil its duties.
  5. The Provider is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and may introduce you to third party finance providers.
  6. The Provider will ensure all information in marketing materials relevant and up to date. 
  7. Due to the variety of showers available in the UK, it may not be possible for the Provider to understand if your existing shower and your new heating system will work together. The Provider will not be liable if your shower is not compatible with your new heating system.
  8. The provider accepts no liability for the work that any  sub contracted installer undertakes, this includes any damage to fixtures or fittings, installation and  gas safety concerns.
  9. If the customer has any concerns about gas safety or damage to fixtures or fittings, then the provider will provide the customer with the sub contracted installers details.

How We Communicate 

  1. All communication between the customer and the Provider will be by telephone or email. The customer's email address used by the Provider will be the same one supplied by the customer during the quote process.
  2. When the customer has a confirmed order with the Provider, the Provider will send the customer an email with the relevant information about the installation and any finance provided by a third party.

Cancellation Information 

  1. The customer will lose the right to cancel should the Company complete the installation of your new equipment within 14 days of your order being placed. If the customers has requested that the Company perform services within this 14-day period, it will be acknowledged that the Company has been authorised to carry out urgent maintenance or repairs at the property.
  2. The customer has a right to cancel this contract within 14 days without giving any reason provided the following conditions are satisfied;
    1. Notice of cancellation is emailed to [email protected] either before any delivery is made, or within 14 days of the order being placed.
    2. Notice of cancellation is emailed to [email protected] prior to the engineer attending site on the agreed date.
    3. Any email sent intended to serve as your statement of cancellation should be clear and unambiguous. 
  3. If the equipment has already been delivered, then the customer can cancel the order and receive a full refund. Only the Providers installers or equipment suppliers may collect or deliver equipment for any reason. The customer is liable for keeping any equipment secure and providing access for collection when instructed by the Provider.
  4. Once the equipment has been installed the customer will lose any right to cancel and receive a full or partial refund. The customer must give the provider or the manufacturer opportunities to rectify any installation issues. 

Delivery of Goods

  1. The Provider will attempt to ensure the delivery of goods on time and with clear instructions in advance. The customer accepts that sometimes delivery issues occur, and this does not give automatic cause for cancellation.
  2. The customer is responsible for notifying the Provider of any parking restrictions that would impact the installation or delivery process.
  3. The customer agrees to be present at the property for the scheduled delivery of agreed equipment required for installation.
  4. The customer is responsible for keeping any equipment secure and dry once delivered. If equipment is damaged, removed or packaging opened then the customer will be liable for any costs or losses incurred.

Inspection of the Property 

  1. After an order is placed with the Provider, the Provider will request the customer to send photos of their current equipment. This enables the Provider to ensure the right boiler and materials are delivered and installed.

The customer agrees that any photos supplied during or after the ordering process are true and accurate images of what the engineer will see at the installation site.

If, upon inspection of the photos, it is deemed that additional equipment is required, the Provider may have to delay installation or change the quote provided to ensure the installation is successful.

The Provider reserves the right to decline any order at any time for any reason. 

  1. If the installer requires further parts when visiting the property or within the installation process, the Provider will inform the customer of any increase in costs prior to these costs being incurred. The customer will also be informed of any delay to installation. If the customer declines any extra equipment or work required to facilitate the installation work, they are entitled to a full refund less the engineer labour costs. If the boiler has been installed or partially installed, and the customer declines additional costs or cancels the installation, then the customer is liable for the wholesale cost of the boiler and any materials used.
  2. The Provider reserves the right to decline any order at any time up until completion. Should the Provider decline an order, no damages or expenses shall be payable.
  3. Any changes in the installation details from those detailed in the contract or discussed within the quote process, will be updated through an Amendment of Order document issued by the Provider. This must be approved by the customer in writing before the installation can be completed.
  4. If the flue length required to install a boiler is longer than the standard 3m, the Customer will be charged all costs associated with additional or specialist parts required. If the Customer has any specialised equipment, such as a plume kit, or twin flues, this will form a part of the initial or amended quote to ensure the installation is successful.

The installation of Equipment 

  1. The customer will need to provide access to the property on the agreed dates so that we can deliver and install equipment. The Customer must also provide free access to utilities such as gas, water and electricity for installing and testing any equipment.
  2. The Customer is responsible to supply adequate vehicle parking for the engineer to park their van within 50 meters of the entrance to the property. Any parking charges are to be paid by the customer. If a parking permit is required, the customer is required to organise the permit or notify the Provider or installer of the restriction within the quote process.
  3. During the installation of the new equipment, the customer agrees to provide a safe and respectful workplace for installers attending the address. Installers attending a property have the right to leave the property if any residents are rude, abusive, or unsafe conditions are encountered. It is the sole discretion of the Provider if or then we then arrange another installer to attend.
  4. Prior to any attendance by the Companies installers, it is the customer's responsibility to secure any permissions to authorise the installation. If the Customer is a tenant, then the landlord must provide written permission to install the new equipment.
  5. Existing pipework, valves, radiators, and other equipment should all be in working order. This will be asked within the quote process. If this equipment has been poorly installed, have become faulty or installed by an unqualified tradesman, then any such failure or consequential damage is the customers responsibility. 
  6. When completing the installation of new or upgraded pipework, the route for these pipes should be discussed with the customer to be approved. Pipework will be installed in the most functional way possible. Our engineers will not install pipework in the walls, under the ground or box the pipework in.
  7. The Provider will always try to complete work before 7pm on the day of installation. They may in rare circumstances require overtime to complete the installation. It is a condition of these terms that your approval is granted for any reasonable overtime approved. 
  8. The Provider accepts no liability for any damage to existing plaster work, decorations, or flooring when carrying out the installation. It should be accepted that the customer may need to redecorate some areas after the installation due to the nature of installing a boiler. This will be the customer's responsibility and is not included in the installation costs.
  9. The customer understands that during/after any plumbing is work carried out, there could be changes in the water pressure in existing plumbing. The Provider is not liable for any damage, or any consequential issues caused by the failure of existing pipework. This includes taps, valves, showers, other fittings, or any relevant appliances.
  10. Whilst approved installers will take care not to damage electrical wiring, plumbing and other services at your property, the Provider cannot be liable for any damage caused to existing services that are not clearly visible.
  11. The Provider will not be liable for any damage to your home which is caused as a direct result of structural defects or weaknesses at the installation address whether they are visible or not. If you are unsure of the structural integrity of your building you should engage a qualified structural surveyor prior to the installation.
  12.  The Provider accepts no liability for any materials used during the installation process having variations in appearance. The customer agrees to pay for their own materials at the time of the work taking place if they would like a specific match to be used.
  13. When adding new equipment to your house, our engineer will need to inspect existing infrastructure to ensure it meets current regulatory standards. Should your existing infrastructure fail to meet relevant standards then we will cancel your order and provide a full refund. 
  14. You should be aware that due to the variety of showers available in the UK, it may not be possible for the Company to understand if a shower and your new heating system will work together. The Provider will not be liable for any compatibility issues.
  15. The engineer will take pictures of your installed equipment and relevant infrastructure for the completion of the finance agreement. 
  16. Upon completion of the installation, the customer may inspect the work before the installer departs. Once the Provider’s installer is satisfied that the work is complete and the customer has been given the opportunity to inspect any works carried out, then they will be asked to sign a completion note.
  17. When installing new equipment other trades may be required to complete the work. For example, an electrician may be required to wire controls to a new boiler. In such circumstances, the company will endeavour to leave the equipment working until another engineer can attend and complete the installation.
  18. The customer agrees to give the Provider and its Installers reasonable opportunities to put things right by providing access to the installation address to rectify any faults or problems. 
  19. New equipment can sometimes not function correctly once first installed. The Provider will ensure the equipment is either repaired or replaced in line with manufacturer guidelines to ensure any warranty or guarantee is not voided. Sometimes this causes delays, and the provider shall not be liable for any compensation for delays caused by faulty appliances beyond its control.
  20. If something within the customer's responsibilities (such as removal of asbestos or improving existing infrastructure) prevents the installation of the new equipment for more than 6 months after the order was placed with the Provider, then the Provider will be deemed to have performed the contract in full and entitled to retain all monies paid to date without deduction or refund.
  21. The Company are not liable for any loss of profit, loss of earnings,  loss of business, business interruption or business opportunity under any circumstances.
  22. Our installer may need to access external areas of a property if it can be reached using a set of extension ladders and/or a roof ladder. If access is required to the property exterior which cannot be accessed safely using regular equipment, then scaffolding or other access equipment may be required. The customer accepts that the installer requires suitable access and/or equipment which the customer will pay directly for or will reimburse the Provider for. This will be agreed in writing within the quote process or as an amendment to quote.
  23. For boilers installed in a loft or basement, the Customer agrees to make sure that the area is suitable for installation and safe for the installer. The customer will be required to send evidence prior to installation in the form of pictures and/or videos. 

Finance Agreement and Payments

  1. If paying by credit or with debit card, the payment is required prior to delivery and/or installation of equipment. The installation can only proceed if the payment is received in the Providers bank account.
  2.  If the customer instigates an attempt to clawback payments when not under a finance agreement, then the Provider will pass on any costs and/or losses associated which includes legal costs involved to fight the chargeback.
  3. When paying by credit or with debit card, an invoice will be sent to the customer once the installation has taken place. If any money is outstanding, the Company is entitled to delay the installation without liability.
  4. During the order process, if the customer would prefer to pay for goods and services using a finance package, the Company may introduce the customer to a third-party finance provider.
  5. If you have entered a credit agreement with a finance provider, you will need to enter a separate agreement with that provider. Payment of the contract balance will be automatically processed between the Provider and the Finance Provider when the installation has been completed.
  6. If the Customer has entered a credit agreement via one of the Providers nominated finance providers. The Provider is not responsible future payments, fee’s or disputes that may occur.
  7. All goods supplied, remain the property of the Finance provider even though installed by the Provider. 
  8. All the prices displayed by the Provider include VAT. 
  9. In the event of suspension or cancellation of the work at the request of the customer, any extra expenses or losses incurred the Provider shall be chargeable to the customer along with a reasonable addition for administration and overhead costs. 
  10. The customer is responsible for disposing of any packaging. 
  11. The Provider will ensure any debris will be removed from site as part of the installation costs
  12. The Provider cannot remove any dangerous or hazardous waste, including asbestos. If the Provider or installer becomes aware of this before or during the installation, then the installation will be placed on hold until the customer arranges the safe removal and disposal of these materials at their own expense. The Provider will request proof the work has been completed which the customer must provide.
  13. If the customer would like to keep any old equipment or material that will be removed as part of the installation, they must let the Provider or the installer before or during the quote or installation process. 
  14. Any water storage tanks which are decommissioned will be left in place unless agreed with in writing with the Provider.
  15. It is the responsibility of the customer to complete a party wall agreement with any neighbouring properties. For further information please speak to customer services.
  16. The Provider needs to make sure installers working on the site have access to a working toilet, washing facility, drinking water and areas for rest in a warm indoor area. To reduce costs, the customer agrees to provide access to these facilities within the existing property for workers to use in a clean and respectful way. If the customer would like the Company to make alternative arrangements to comply with these UK Regulations, they will notify the Provider within the quote process.
  17. Once the customer agrees an installation date, the payment or finance process has to be finished by the customer within one hour. If the customer does not complete the payment process within this time frame, then Provider cannot guarantee the date will be available and may have to offer an alternative date/time.

Manufacturer and Provider Warranties 

  1. Items installed by the Provider come with a manufacturer warranty. A gas boiler will need to be serviced annually by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. The cost of servicing and inspecting after installation is not included in the price of the installation unless the customer purchases an additional service offered by the Provider. The customer must retain service records for their equipment which the manufacturer will request when making a claim under the warranty
  2.  After the installation, the Provider will register your equipment warranty with the relevant manufacturer.
  3. The manufacturer warranty will be provided by the manufacturer of the equipment and not by the Provider or its installers.
  4. Additional equipment installed such as radiators, thermostats and filters will include a manufacturer’s warranty. The Provider will advise details of all manufacturer warranties upon request.
  5. Any workmanship will be carried out by a qualified tradesman.  The installation of pipework, joints and seals benefit from a 1-year warranty. This is from the Provider and includes all parts and labour.
  6. Any guarantee shall become void if payments are not made in the agreed schedule and the terms of this contract are not satisfied. The Provider or the manufacturer will be liable where any failure or fault arises due to the, 
    1. Any failure of the customer or property residents regarding the operation, , servicing or maintenance of the installed equipment, The customer is responsible for maintaining service and safety records according to manufacturer guidelines or any warranty provided will be void.
    2. Any deliberate damage or vandalism.
    3. Damage caused by circumstances outside the control of the Company or the equipment manufacturer such as force majeure
    4. A variation in a flow rate of water to any installed equipment.
  1. The replacement of any accessories, such as lamps, bulbs or filaments are excluded from the warranty. This also includes any timers, thermostats or other devices that may be connected to the installed equipment.
  2. You must notify the manufacturer of any warranty claim as soon possible. The contact details are supplied in the product manual, or you can email [email protected]
  3. The warranty applies specifically to the equipment installed. Any existing equipment is completely excluded from any warranty on new equipment.
  4. The Company, or any engineer appointed by the Company, is under no obligation to carry out any visual inspection or testing on any existing equipment. The risk of any of the existing system developing a fault once the new boiler is installed is solely the responsibility of the customer. The customer can, at their own expense organise an inspection of the existing system prior to the installation of the new boiler.
  5. When the Provider or their installers are called back to the property at the customer’s request, but no problem is found with the installed equipment, then the Provider will charge a £90 call out charge for each hour the engineer is at the property.
  6. If the customer is converting from a system or standard boiler to a combi boiler, there may be a water pressure increase in the central heating system. This may make any existing leaks worse, past leaks to reoccur, or even cause new leaks to appear. The Provider is happy to reattend on one occasion for up to 1 hour with no cost to the customer to resolve this. If this cannot be resolved, the customer will be liable to make any changes needed with existing pipework.