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Helping the elderly with the energy crisis

  • 100% Transparent on costs
  • Wholesale price on boilers & installation
  • We simply charge £60 to cover our time

There is no doubt, the energy crisis is crippling households across the UK. Many people were struggling prior to the giant jumps in energy, and in October the general consensus is the cost of gas will go up by another 40%. So if you're paying £2000 a year now, you'll be paying nearly £3000 a year in the winter.


Did you know?

In general, if your boiler is old it's not efficient, a simplistic way of looking at it is if your boiler is 70% efficient, for every £100 you spend on gas, you're wasting £30. 

Now that wasn't too bad when energy prices were lower, but now the average household could be £3000 a year, a 70% efficiency could result in you wasting £900 a year. 

Why we're doing it

We're not doing this to make money, we simply want to break even on our costs and support the elderly. I don't think you can get much fairer than that!

100% of profits from the £60 we charge goes to help the aged.

We are so adamant that we're not doing this to make profits, any profits made from the £60 administration fee we charge, will go to the help the ageuk charity.


100% Transparent on cost

We're not doing this to make money, we simply want to break even on our costs and support the elderly. I don't think you can get much fairer than that!

Every installation comes with a full breakdown of costs, so you see everything.

  • The wholesale price we paid for the boiler
  • The total wholesale cost of all parts
  • The total labor cost we paid to the engineer
  • VAT
  • 5 hours at £12 an hour to cover the salary of a member of our team.

You may think it doesn't take 5 hours to handle a job, well if we're trying to get you the best price on labor it can take 1-2 hours of phoning local engineers, let alone following them up after they've completed the job, storing installation certificates and more.


"This isn't to make money, this is to help the elderly" - Founder James Barnes


Being transparent

Example of pricing

  • Local Qualified Engineer £400
  • New Vokera A rated boiler £350
  • Additional pipe work £40
  • Our costs £60

£850 (exc vat)

£1020 (inc vat)

As you can see, a new boiler doesn't need to be £2-3000. It's because companies obviously need to make a profit in order for them to exist. We charge these prices as we have to take into account spending £100's on marketing for every installation, extra costs for labor, more internal costs and much more.

The only way we can do this campaign is through sponsoring we're getting.

We're trying to get VAT reduced, inline with other energy saving equipement!

In the meantime, we give you the option to pay the engineer direct, so if they don't charge VAT you can save extra money there.

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Why we're amazing

The criteria

  • Over 70 years of age
  • A household income (including pensions, benefits, salary) under £12,000
  • Live in the UK

It's a very simple criteria, as many others can get help through a finance provider, likely put it on their credit card or get other support.

It's super simple

4 Simple steps


1: Tell us about your home

Answer a hand full of questions about your home.


2: Pick a boiler

Select from a range of great boilers

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3: Pick how you'd like to pay

Choose from a wide range of payment options.


4: Pick a date

Select a date to have your boiler installed, then one of our happy engineers will come and fit it!

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We're here to help you!

What's happening with the current energy crisis is dreadful, and can cause a huge level of stress for many people. So were here to do our best.